The Mystic HD Sunless Tanning Solution

The Mystic HD Sunless Tanning Solution

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The Mystic HD sunless tanning solution from The Tanning Shop

Why wait for a luscious tan when you get one instantly at The Tanning Shop. The Mystic HD spray tan provides a natural and even looking tan all year round!

The Mystic HD:

4 dynamics which make the Mystic HD spray tan so great!

  • This revolutionary device will allow you to select from one of four levels. Pick from glow, light, medium, or dark. This means a personalised and natural tanning result for you.
  • Build solutions are free of fragrances, cosmetic bronzers and are packed full of Aloe Vera and added antioxidants. Leaving your skin wonderfully moisturised, but most importantly healthy.
  • The “MagneTan” technology with sweeping airbrush motion, attracts micro-mist particles evenly to every surface of the body. So no matter what your shape or size you will be sure to be mystified.
  • Automated booth means you will have privacy whilst tannning!

Customer blends are also available at the tanning shop to insert in your chosen tanning level cartridge for a personalised result.

These blends provide:

  • Bronzers for an instant glow.
  • A selection of aromas for a wonderfully fragranced finish.
  • Accelerator to neutralise your skins PH balance. This will ensure that any external products used (such as perfume or moisturiser) will not affect the result of your tan.

The Heating And Drying Function Enables The Following:

  • Optimises absorption for a deeper, longer lasting tan and improves the customers overall experience whilst in the booth.
  • Leaves your skin soft and smooth immediately after the session, accelerates tanning development and improves application process.
  • Unlike other solutions the new Mystic solution will be absorbed into the skin rather than masking it.
  • During your tanning session a voice guide clearly leads you through the spraying process!

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